“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you. That’s too passive.”

Anita Campbell

CEO of Small Business Trends

Sending an outreach email to a local business is not enough to stand out in today’s world.  According to the Radicati Group, the average office worker receives 121 emails a day and over 49% of those are considered SPAM!

In order for your apartment community to stand out with local employers and develop a strong lead pipeline for new residents, it’s important to develop personal, long-lasting relationships with local businesses and residents.

To start, provide your leasing team with a list of key area employers within a 3-5 mile radius of your community and encourage your team to start a monthly calendar with regular follow-up. Typically employer lists are available on market intelligence sites, including Yardi Matrix. If your community does not have access to an intelligence data site, visit your local chamber of commerce or city’s website for potential businesses to target. Additionally, new residents can be engaged with some of the ideas below to enhance their experience and encourage new resident referrals.

Once your team has an employer list, encourage them to follow up with 2-5 key employers (start small) and engage a company’s front desk, HR or office manager. Yes your team, may have to start with an email introduction, but encourage them to make a face-to-face visit and continue to follow up (i.e. Here are some cookies, I just happened to be in your neighborhood). 

After a relationship has been developed, offer one of the ideas below to the business or resident.

10 Outreach Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities. 

  1. Chamber Lunch – Attend a local Chamber of Commerce lunch and introduce yourself to local business owners. This may be an opportunity to establish resident referrals from local real estate agents and connect with key employers.
  2. Event Space – Offer your Clubroom as an event location for local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club lunches.
  3. Morning Coffee – Ask if you can set up a coffee table and greet employees. Distribute property flyers.
  4. VIP – Lunch/Goodie Basket – Recognize a current resident that works at an identified employer with a VIP lunch or goodie basket. Include property flyers.
  5. Treats & Flyers – Bring treats with flyers to distribute at areas of employment.
  6. VIP Tour/Open House – Arrange a VIP Tour/Open House for the company or key employers.
  7. Resident Event – Invite the employers to an upcoming property resident event.
  8. Email/Social Media – Ask the employer if they can include a current resident event/offer in an eBlast/social media post to their employees.
  9. Website/Company Perks – Ask if your property can be featured as a preferred local housing partner in their marketing materials.
  10. Testimonials – Ask current residents that work at key employers for testimonials. Include these quotes in outreach efforts.


Bonus Idea:

  • Unique Features: In your outreach communication, share any unique community features or chartistics about the owner. For example, your community may regularily volunteer to a local charity.


Remember that relationships are developed over time through regular contact and outreach.

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