“The future is now. New marketing technologies are making 1:1 dreams of 25 years ago come true today.”

Jennifer Renaud

CMO, Oracle Marketing Cloud

2019 will be a flagship year for multi-family marketers as new technology opportunities continue to drive innovation and create optimal living experiences for our residents! Below are 5 Marketing Trends for Apartments in 2019.

  • Voice-Recognition Technology Alexa, Siri and My Google will continue to make headlines as Amazon, Apple and Google lead the race to dominate living spaces with smart technology. Not only will residents be able to control smart thermostats or lights with the swipe of a smartphone, but they will soon be able to pay rent and learn about upcoming community events and activities. Yardi is working on the ability to allow residents to pay rent or learn about upcoming resident events and resident referral programs through these voice-enabled devices.


  • Online/Offline Conversions – Savvy marketers will continue to work on bridging the gap between online and offline visits. Marketers can use proximity-based marketing, geo-fencing or beacons to help sync Google Ads with “store visits” and connect the divide between online traffic and property tour traffic.


  • Proximity Marketing Analysis – Marketers will continue to analyze various metrics, including website visits, leasing source traffic and expand into additional areas, including amenity space utilization.  Marketers can use beacons or key fob report to determine what amenity spaces residents utilize and do not utilize. The utilization reports can be viewed on an hourly, daily or monthly basis to view property trends. These insights will help marketers now not only what to advertise, but also what share with development teams for future renovations and construction projection. Additionally, operations teams can use these reports to help schedule staffing schedules, if they notice that certain areas of a property are utilized more at certain times.  If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into utilization analysis, check out Density.io, which allows companies, such as Marriott to understand how many people utilize space and at what frequency interval.


  • Google First – There we said it. Google will continue to lead the way with multi-family marketing budgets are more marketers shift advertising dollars away from traditional Internet Listing Sites, such as Apartments.com and RentPath and move these budgets towards Google Ads. Not only do Google Ads allow marketers to target by device, city and keyword type, the platform also allows marketers to understand what keywords drive what actions on sites through conversion keyword tracking. Marketers can use this data to shift budget towards keywords that generate results and away from keywords, regions or cities that do not yield results. Learn more Google Ads tips here.


  • Smart Home Features – As residents continually live in an integrated community with their smart phones, cars, and computers, residents will desire more smart technology features, including EV car charging stations, electronic postal delivery lockers, smart appliances and remote locking and light controls. The communities that incorporate these features and promote them through innovative social media, website and digital methods will have a competitive advantage over other multi-family communities in their area.

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