“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

Og Mandino

American Author

Leasing is tough and sometimes our teams may need a little extra motivation, especially during a lease up, occupancy issue or during the offseason. Below are 5 ideas to help encourage your team to close more leases!


1. Gift Card Contest Offer a gift card (i.e. $25-50 Starbucks or Amazon Gift Card) to the leasing team members with the most follow up (email or calls) or leases for the week or month. Share weekly recaps to create a competitive, friendly environment and keep the contest within reach to other employees.

2. Motivational Email – Send a morning prep email with a quote from a sales peer or famous celebrity. Show what your find interesting about the quote and how it relates to their activity and weekly performance. Keep it simple, inspiring and relatable.  

3. Awards – At your next team meeting, recognize a leasing team member that embodies a key attribute of your company culture with a small trophy. Being recognized in front of their peers reinforces your company culture and makes the employee feel appreciated their hard work. After the award ceremony, tell the employee to pass the baton and recognize another team member that embraces your culture at your next team meeting (and no, it can’t be you :)). Encourage your employees to keep it going and future meetings.

4. Open Actions List – Sometimes team members may not be aware or remember all the tasks that are on their marketing, listing or operations lists. Write a quick recap of the week’s past action items and an open action list. Include the team members who are responsible for each action item. Sharing an open actions list will help keep everyone on the same page and provide a clear overview of expected tasks and responsibilities.  

5. Online Reviews – Take a screenshot of any positive feedback from your community’s Yelp or Facebook page and send it to the team. Share how it embraces your company’s culture and thank them for their hard work.


Bonus Idea:

  • Send a Thank You Card Send a thank you card to a team member or the team thanking them for their hard work to contribute to the company’s success!


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