Lease it Fast provides an in-depth look at marketing trends impacting the apartment or multi-family in industry.

What is Lease it Fast?

Lease It Fast is a marketing resource focused on multi-family marketing trends and strategy for real estate, leasing, marketing and industry professionals.

What type of content does Lease it Fast Feature?

Lease It Fast covers various multi-family marketing trends, including consumer behavior, social media, lead follow up strategy, mobile optimization, concession promotion, SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, customer service, concierge, events, lead follow up and analytics optimization.

What's the best multi-family apartment marketing strategy?

An integrated marketing strategy that encompasses print, digital, social, mobile and multi-media elements is the best to connect to future residents and engage current residents.

Additionally, an apartment’s marketing strategy needs to focus on end-to-end marketing and consider the various elements that a future resident experience, including tours, marketing collateral, follow up emails, application & leasing process and the move in experience.

Lastly a robust marketing strategy uses analytics to measure, analyze and adjust current marketing efforts to enhance the resident experience and increase tour conversion.